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Bringing design to engineering

I'm Julienne, a design engineer who just graduated in May. I have spent the last few summers working on projects spanning various industries. This website is meant to serve as a repository for reference by potential employers, but capturing the depth of each experience in a few sentences is impossible. Ask me about anything – I love to talk about my work! 



Previous Experience


Engineering Team Lead, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

August 2022 - Present

For each sample brought back to earth, NASA performs risk assessments to ensure that the planet remains protected. For the Perseverance mission, my team evaluates risk of Mars Sample Return (MSR) to life on Earth through claims-argument-evidence framework. 

The purpose of this assessment is to build a safety case for MSR; this includes measures to mitigate the effects of potential harmful particles. Examples of threats that regolith samples may contain include carcinogens, fissionable material, and particles with harmful geometry. Our findings here result in the design of sample handling once returned to earth. 


Engineering Technician, SCJ Alliance

May 2022 - August 2022

SCJ Alliance, an engineering consultancy, specializes in civil projects. The cable-propelled subteam partners with architects and local stakeholders to design and build aerial gondolas as transportation.

During my time at SCJ, I worked on a variety of projects under civil engineers and urban designers. I drafted technical drawings in AutoCAD to chart gondola routes over highway interchanges for LA Metro. Along with writing and proofing technical memos, I did extensive research for seven projects ranging from estimating user demand to strategies for mitigating the effect of lightning in tropical climates; the culmination of this research, with the supervision of project leads, was presented to both public and private clients. 


Engineering Intern, Soup

May 2021 - August 2021

Soup's mission is twofold: increasing housing density and creating a vessel for passive income. As a nonprofit organization, Soup heavily subsidizes ADU construction in areas historically affected by redlining that are recently seeing skyrocketing cost of living.

Prefabrication cuts the cost of building a house by up to 80%. By machining modular components of a house in a factory, construction can be automated and streamlined. Housing shortages in much of California led its state senate to pass SB13; this law allows accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in lots zoned for single-family homes. ADUs are complete housing units that exist within the lot of an existing single-family home—think a garage apartment conversion or a backyard cottage.

As an intern, I worked on calculations and simulations for natural disasters. At that point, most of Soup's work was in East Palo Alto, much of which lies in a floodplain; additionally, the San Andreas Fault lies on the peninsula. I compared and calculated the cost-benefits to choose materials and manufacturing methods. Through Soup, I consulted with a startup to design and prototype an in-garage kitchen and bathroom unit using CAD.

Academic Experience

Scripps College

August 2019 - May 2023

Major in Engineering & Design with coursework from Harvey Mudd College. Scripps College is a top-ranked historically women's liberal arts college and a member of the Claremont Colleges Consortium.

"[Julienne is] a pleasure to work with. It's been great working together. She asks good questions."

–– my research professor

[email me for list of references]

"[She] bring[s] a fresh perspective to engineering. We need more engineers like [her]."

–– my supervisor at SCJ

"[She has] a certain knack for handling tricky situations and incredibly strong communication skills."

–– my mentor with the JPL project

I'm looking for a full-time design engineering or technical design position.

I am located in the Boston area. 

My contact information is below. Please feel free to contact me! Thanks for reading my site.


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